WOOHOOO!! Call me crazy but I LOVE spring cleaning! Its a fresh start and a lil feng shui never hurt anybody.
Spring cleaning basics:
~Get the broom out and you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make!
~Make sure to use Clorox wipes to dust your shelves and get the gross winter germs off the door handles.
~ Vacuum vacuum vacuum!!
~Laundry: you all know that there is a pile of clothes that you have been pretending doesn’t exist…
~Weed out the winter shoes, coats, mittens, hats, ect..
~Fresh bed sheets! AH there is nothing like slipping into a freshly made bed. (Don’t forget to wash your pillow case- think off all the winter cold coughs on that!
~Clean out the fridge!
~Clear out the clutter whether it be on your desk or in the boxes under your bed!
~Organize your papers and drawers! Seriously, we all have a pack rat in us- but think of how refreshing it will be to start over!
~Clean off the mirrors for a new face to look at!
~Spray the crap out of your room with germ killing spray
~Leave out a subtle air freshener
~Put away the winter decorations
~Place some springy colors and decorations out in sight, it will brighten your mood!

Especially if you are in a college dorm room, think of how amazing it will be to come back from break to a clean room! Angels will sing heavenly tunes when you open that door after a long break and the room is spotless.


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